Friday, February 24, 2017

Where The Light Shines Through

Everyday I have about an hour where I sit in a dark room surrounded by sleeping babies. Sometimes I get some work done and other times I get to read or do little "nap time doodles" as I call them. One day in January I got the idea for the song I Won't Let You Go and decided to doodle it out. The next day I got the idea for Healer of Souls and then I started doing one for each song on the album Where The Light Shines Through. All of them are black and white because 1) I like the look and 2) I have black pens that I love to draw with. So I hope you enjoy this unintentional photo essay.

P.S. you can click the image to make it bigger.

 Holy Water:


Where The Light Shines Through:

I Won't Let You Go:

If The House Burns Down Tonight:

The Day I Found God:

Shake This Feeling:

Bull in a China Shop:

Live It Well:

Looking For America:

Healer Of Souls:

Hope is the Anthem:

Daisy from Nothing is Sound

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